Conference Presentation

AIDS 2020 Live Session: Community & Academic Partnerships to Advance Evidence-Based Policymaking

July 28, 2020

Join the investigators and community collaborators of the California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers for our AIDS 2020 Live Satellite Session, which took place on July 6, 2020. Here is an overview of the satellite session agenda:

  1. Ending the Epidemics in California: A Syndemic Approach to Ending HIV, Hepatitis C, and STDs (presented by Courtney Mulhearn-Pearson, San Francisco AIDS Foundation)
  2. How Policy Research is Shaping Ending the Epidemics in the COVID-19 Era (presented by Wayne Steward, UCSF)
  3. Introduction to PrEP Projects
  4. Innovative Responses to Increasing PrEP Access and Uptake in California (presented by Craig Pulsipher, APLA Health)
  5. Leveraging Public Data to understand PrEP Uptake (presented by Nina Harawa, UCLA)
  6. Attitudes about Community Pharmacy Access to HIV Prevention Medications in California (Kimberly A. Koester, UCSF)
  7. Questions and answers