George Mizrahi Jackson serves as AIDS Project of the East Bay’s Executive Director and has been working at APEB for 9 years. George Mizrahi Jackson began his career serving BMSM as a peer advocate in 1997. At APEB, he first started as a volunteer, then a part-time outreach worker, then a full-time Navigation Specialist, and later the agency’s first Biomedical HIV Prevention Coordinator. George serves as a prime example of how a member of the community can be intentionally developed and promoted to positions of leadership. George was a 2016 fellow in the Black AIDS Institute’s African American HIV University Science and Treatment College at UCLA and is a member of the Bay Area’s Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN). In 2002, George was inaugurated into The House Ball Community as a member of the Iconic House of Mizrahi. As a leading competitor in the House Ball Community George quickly became one of the most recognizable House Ball participants in the State of California and was recently deemed “Iconic” 12/8/19. George now serves as the International director of The House of Mizrahi and is the Overall “Father” for the organization. George has authentic, International connections with this community and is considered a popular opinion leader within the House Ball community. Historically, the House & Ballroom scene includes some of society’s most marginalized individuals including many BMSM, TPOC, and youth, which is still true today. Since 2016 George has annually presented community research and cultural competency best practices both Nationally and Internationally; most notably at the AIDS 2020, USCA and Biomedical Prevention Summit. George has literally worked in each of the positions he oversees, which brings him an unmatched level of program development and management. George also has legislative lobbying experience; specifically lobbying for the Ca State Law requirement to provide PrEP information to all individuals who receive an HIV negative test result and lead the 2019 LGBT Lobby Day at the State Capital. George brings more than 17 combined years of lived & professional experience to his leadership roles and is single handedly responsible for improving several grassroots initiatives and federal grant outcomes. George’s dedication to community service is fueled by his personal experiences of disenfranchisement and discrimination and he vows to combat the many syndemics Black LGBTQ face in America.