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Prep Cost Analysis for Covered California Health Plans (Spanish)

January 9, 2017

PrEP is a highly effective medication for preventing HIV. Those interested in PrEP and enrolling in a Covered California health plan should carefully weigh the costs of a Truvada® prescription, copays for regular doctors’ visits and laboratory tests, and monthly premiums. With Gilead’s copay card, PrEP is affordable (less than $400/year) on all Covered California health plans except Bronze plans. However, this does not include the cost of monthly premiums and assumes that medical and pharmacy deductibles have not been met. You can use Covered California’s shop and compare tool to see the cost of premiums in your area at CoveredCA.com/shopandcompare. Certified Enrollment Counselors and Insurance Agents, as well as Covered California call center representatives are also available to answer questions about financial assistance and help you compare plans. You can find free, in-person help at CoveredCA.com/get-help. Before you make any final decisions be sure that the primary care doctor you are considering takes the plan you want and is willing to prescribe PrEP.