Policy Brief

Costs and Benefits of Enhanced HIV Surveillance in California

July 1, 2010

Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act (RWCA) funding is provided to states to cover HIV medical care, treatment, and ancillary services for under-and un-insured persons with HIV and AIDS. California began names-based reporting of HIV (non-AIDS) cases in 2006, thus it is likely that some HIV cases are reported in the code-based registry and not in the names-based registry. It would be cost-beneficial to California to expand HIV surveillance efforts to add persons already in care to the HIV names-based Registry. It is estimated that each additional case registered would add $1675-$1707 to Ryan White allocations, but cost of only $992 to register. An additional $4.7 million would flow to the state as a result of adding 2800 cases to the Registry.